Sunday, February 20, 2011

Success or Death

"Success or Death" should be your new mantra.
Without dreams we are nothing.
We might as well be dead.

I will tell you this: Please DO NOT think that your success is defined in the music business by how much money you make. If that is your goal, then I politely suggest you quit now, or wrap you head around this: Please DO measure your success by how much music you make.

Make great music. Make music that makes you happy. Make music that gets you out of bed every morning. Make music that is an escape from the responsibilities of everyday life.

Do this and consider yourself a success!

What are you doing right now?
What steps are you taking to reach your goals and make your dreams a reality right now?
How will you define your own success right now?

~ Thanks to Hugh Macleod and his new book Evil Plans for inspiration.

1 comment:

  1. I love Evil Plans! Great book!

    It often amazes me how much of a production musicians make out of writing a song. Like 10 songs really takes 2 years to write.

    Making music and playing live is about the most fun part of this business!

    Making money is a close second, though. :)