Monday, June 27, 2011

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Music Biz Quiz

~ Are you cut out for a career in the music biz? Honestly answer the following questions and find out...

1. Do you love writing, recording and performing music? YES / NO

2. Do you hate your day job? YES / NO

3. Are you willing to make sacrifices and take risks? YES / NO

4. Can you live on $10 a day? YES / NO

5. Do you think most bands suck? YES / NO

6. Are you typically a lucky person? YES / NO

7. Do you know what social networking is? YES / NO

8. Do you like to travel? YES / NO

9. In your opinion, are you great at what you do? YES / NO

10. Do you acknowledge that statistically you have little to no chance being a successful musician? YES / NO

~ If you answered:
YES on all 10 - Congrats! You will probably do well in the music biz.
YES on 5 or more - Not a total loss. Try and improve your answers to YES if you are truly serious.
YES on #6 - Well, any things possible. I would say good luck, but I guess you won't need it.

How To Run A Band

~ If you are not familiar with Seth and his real time experiments within the music biz, you should now! Check him out here:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

This Is A True Story

~ Well, here it is directly from a horses mouth. This is a true story.
Article source HERE

“Isn’t it such a shame that the music industry is no longer about music? I started playing instruments when I was 10. 16 years later, I find myself leaving a career that I strived over half of my life to accomplish. I gave up almost everything to live in a basement in another country and make music with my bandmates in search of a record deal. We did the impossible and got signed to Roadrunner Records. It was my childhood dream and I had everything I ever wanted. Or so I thought.

“My love for singing and performing soon started to diminish as time and time again we got screwed over by the industry in some way or another. I love being in a band because I love singing and i’ve just found that everything i’m doing is for the wrong reasons. There’s no passion or drive to wake up in the morning and make music with the guys, so i’m not going to do that anymore. Maybe a new venture will come my way and it will restart the fire that I once had.

“We live in an age where labels don’t just take money from music sales, but from almost every form of a bands income. This isn’t the labels fault. They front money to let the bands make their music and put it out. They’re businesses and want to make a profit. But what happens when a band is given money to record an album, puts it out, and then doesn’t sell enough records…? They are evaluated and either dropped or given a second chance with a strict budget… We were dropped. We didn’t even hit 10,000 legal album sales in the USA. Yet looking at torrent sites around the internet, you can easily find 60,000+ illegal downloads. Our music was stolen, the label didn’t make enough money, and now there will be no more music. Why am I saying this? Because this happens to so many other bands and they stay quiet about it.

“After 4 years of working almost every day with the band, the reality is i’ve earned $100 in all that time. I simply cannot afford to continue on. Visa costs, living costs…people seem to think i’m rich because i’m a musician but many of you will know the reality of the industry. I don’t know the future of Mutiny Within, I wish them the best if they decide to continue without me, but i’m moving on and I hope that I find that drive and love for music that I once had.

“I’d like to thank our fans for being awesome and so loyal to us. You’ve been there for us on the road more times than I can remember and it’s you guys that have kept me going through all the bad times because standing on that stage and hearing you sing along is the best feeling I could ever have. We’ve had plenty of haters and i’d like to thank them too for entertaining me over the past few years. I play metal because I love metal. Some people seem to rip anything apart which isn’t their favourite band, yet if I sounded like your favourite band you’d hate me for copying them.

“I’m still on good terms with the band and there’s no bad feelings, so thanks again to the fans, the band, and everybody who has supported me along the way.