Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Music Biz Quiz

~ Are you cut out for a career in the music biz? Honestly answer the following questions and find out...

1. Do you love writing, recording and performing music? YES / NO

2. Do you hate your day job? YES / NO

3. Are you willing to make sacrifices and take risks? YES / NO

4. Can you live on $10 a day? YES / NO

5. Do you think most bands suck? YES / NO

6. Are you typically a lucky person? YES / NO

7. Do you know what social networking is? YES / NO

8. Do you like to travel? YES / NO

9. In your opinion, are you great at what you do? YES / NO

10. Do you acknowledge that statistically you have little to no chance being a successful musician? YES / NO

~ If you answered:
YES on all 10 - Congrats! You will probably do well in the music biz.
YES on 5 or more - Not a total loss. Try and improve your answers to YES if you are truly serious.
YES on #6 - Well, any things possible. I would say good luck, but I guess you won't need it.

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