Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Anyone hip to QR codes?


  1. Hmm... it takes me right back to your blog again. I like QR codes, and I get really excited to scan 'em when I see them.

  2. Here's a nifty article about QR codes and how they're not being used to their greatest effect:

    From the small bit of information I've learned from QR codes, you need to have a few elements in place to make them successful:

    * The landing page needs to be optimized for mobile devices.
    * Give the person something COOL! Free stuff for paying attention enough to scan the code. Free entry to the show. Simply redirecting to your band's site or trying to sell someone something kinda sucks.

    QR codes are meant to win someone over. Think of a treasure hunt. Make it a game and fun for the person scanning.