Sunday, August 29, 2010

The King is Dead; Long Live the King

~ Check out this highlight from a longer article I found here:

And isn’t that what this should be about? The fall of the music industry – and the ascendence of online music – hasn’t benched the careers of musicians destined for stardom, it’s opened up opportunities for people who never would have gotten any playing time in the first place. Never before have bands had so many avenues with which to get their music out to potential fans, and we should be embracing that instead of mourning the loss of a machine that will never be resurrected in its previous form. Are you going to become a millionaire musician with this new model? Probably not. But you probably weren’t going to in the first place.

Adjust your expectations. Play more shows. Offer more merch. Use the new technology to your advantage, because it’s not going anywhere. Don’t waste your time wondering what could have been, if only major-label support were still a cash-cow reality. It’s pointless. Push forward, and don’t become one of those people who complains about how things were better back in the day. They weren’t.


  1. I really feel that the ones that are bitching about this are scared. Because they don't have the creative power to warp minds with their mundane generic swill. Don't get me wrong some artists will still will survive but the generics will fall.
    Prime example is your boss made a few changes and he's like 20 again.
    Open your creative mind and you will survive!

  2. I totally agree with you Rob!!! Thank God for "The Internet"...without it I would have died!! Horns High \m/

  3. I agree entirely! As someone who is NOT in the music biz, but consumes an incredible amount music, I think the web has been a Godsend for artists, musicians and anyone who wants to get their art heard, seen, and appreciated. More importantly its been great for people like me and millions like myself whose interests in music are not limited to what the mega record companies and radio stations allow us to hear!

    I live in Los Angeles where there is an old rock station KLOS that plays the same 10 songs over and over and over. "Comin up we got Santana's Black Magic Woman"... FUCK!! The guy wrote and recorded probably 500 fucking songs but its so scary for them to play something new? But now I can find it if I want it. Not only that but there are tons of bands I like that I never heard on the radio EVER. The Young Dubliners, Mona For Now, The Lazy A-holes, Rufus King just to same a few. Thanks to my ipod, I DECIDE what goes into my ears!

    You used to have to buy the whole album back in the day, and the record companies knew that there only had to be a couple of decent tunes, the rest could be bullshit, and the kids would have to fork out $15 for the record. That was a lot then. If you got lucky, your buddy split it with you so you still had money for weed. If the internet would have existed then, I could have bought the songs I wanted, and then still had money for weed AND the munchies!