Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Advice for Newbies!

~ The following was copied from the interview pertaining to Music Think Tank

1) Decontextualize first, promote second. Artists are in love with their songs/music, and they should be. However, prior to throwing a year of your life into promotion, force yourself to get anonymous feedback from at least thirty friends, twenty artists, and from ten industry professionals. If most love your songs, then promote. Otherwise, go back to the classroom/studio and learn how to make “better” music first.

2) Don’t listen to industry promotion professionals that were successful in 1999.
Nobody has the answer to obtaining and sustaining mass-market exposure. Nobody! I don’t care what someone says they did in the past; make them demonstrate the success they obtained six months ago.

3) Seek experienced production people.
When it comes to making music, experience is way under-rated in this industry. Studios have gone out of business because everyone is a producer/engineer now. Find the most experienced/successful producers, engineers and songwriters you can find. Money spent on a successful producer or a great songwriter will go further than money spent on a promotion “expert”.

4) Don’t go it alone, it’s almost a waste of time! (translation: promote and collaborate with other artists)

5) Act like a software startup. Expand your definition of a “band” to include people that can handle things like social media, video production and software development. Find someone to help you use the equity in your venture to compensate everyone involved.


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  2. Great advice. I am not a musician, but those points apply to my work as well.